Kids Physiotherapy in Ottawa

Children and teens have different need when it comes to physiotherapy than adults. Their bodies are constantly growing and changing which exposes them to a unique subset of injuries. 

At Kinetic Edge we specialize in treating the individual needs of young athletes with children’s physiotherapy. Our clinic is equipped with an advanced rehab studio where your child will receive one on one treatment. No machines, assistants or switching therapists. 

What can you expect on your first visit?

Our physiotherapist will do a comprehensive, 1 hour assessment including the following: 

  • Posture
  • Range of motion 
  • Balance and Coordination 
  • Strength and Endurance

One concern many parents have in this digital age is their child’s posture. As children spend more and more time on computers and hand held devices, we are seeing an increased number of postural strain injuries. These may present as neck pain, mid back pain or headaches. 

Some of the most common conditions our physiotherapists treat in youth include:

  • Osgood Schlaters (Pain below the knee cap)
  • Patellofemoral pain 
  • Shin Splints 
  • Hip Flexor Strains
  • Ankle Sprains
  • ACL repair
  • Post Surgery rehabilitation 

These conditions are treated with a combination of hands on modalities and specific exercise rehabilitation programs. Some youth conditions, including Osgood Schlaters, Achilles Tendonitis, and Plantar Fasciitis can be treated with Shockwave Therapy, which is offered at our clinic. 

We’re here to help.

Do you have questions about youth physiotherapy in Ottawa? Contact our clinic at 613-680-7966 and we would be pleased to answer them. Our physiotherapy treatments are covered by most extended healthcare plans. We also provide direct billing for your convenience. 

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About KineticEdge

Kinetic Edge prides itself in delivering high quality, evidence based care with experienced therapists. Owned and operated on Carling Avenue for over 8 years many of our therapists have over 15 years of clinical experience. We are a multi-disciplinary clinic offering registered massage therapy, physiotherapy and chiropractic in private treatment rooms. Treatment techniques includes Shockwave Therapy, Dry Needling, Rolf Method of Structural Integration, Thai Massage, ART and Functional Range Conditioning and Flexion/Distraction decompression therapy.