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Rolf Method of Structural Integration
Rolf Method of Structural Integration

What is Rolf Method of Structural Integration?

Rolf Method is a technique used in Massage Therapy. Those who practice Rolf Method of Structural Integration are considered fascial specialists, focusing on correcting the positioning of myofacial layers. It aims to improve body alignment and function by focusing on the connective tissues. Typically performed over a series of 10 sessions, the Rolf Method specialist can loosen the superficial fascia before working on deeper areas. This technique has been shown to significantly reduce chronic stress, reduce spinal curvature in subjects with lordosis (sway back), and enhance neurological functioning.

It’s often used by athletes to break up scar tissue, increase range of motion to improve performance and avoid future injuries. It is also used as a way to avoid repetitive stress injuries and to improve postural strains.

Speed Up Recovery

Rolf Method of Structural Integration can speed up injury recovery by reducing pain, stiffness and muscle tension; improving movement and circulation around joints; and attending to both the injury and any secondary pain that may develop from favoring the injury.

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