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Rolf Method For Chronic Stress

Richard Stannard completed his Rolf Method of Structural Integration Certification at the Guild for Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado. He is also a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT).

What is Rolf Method of Structural Integration?

Rolf Method of Structural Integration focuses on correcting the positioning of myofacial layers in the body. It is therefore able to affect the body’s posture and spinal curvatures. Rolf Method creates more efficient muscle use and restores proper patterns of movement. Rolf Method has also been shown to significantly reduce chronic stress, reduce spinal curvature in subjects with lordosis (sway back), and enhance neurological functioning.

Which Conditions can be treated with Rolf Method?

Rolf Method of Structural Integration is often used by athletes to break up scar tissue, increase range of motion to improve performance and avoid future injuries. It is also used as a way to avoid repetitive stress injuries and to improve postural strains. The specialists are considered fascia specialists and the technique is very effective at treating chronic injuries. Rolf Method of Structural Integration is very effective at treating chronic conditions, including sciatic nerve pain and piriformis syndrome by releasing the connective tissue around the impinged nerve. It can also help ease discomfort and tension associated with scoliosis.

How is Rolf Method different from massage?

Massage Therapy is typically used to improve muscle tension in specific areas, and is often used for acute injuries or muscle strains. Rolf Method is aimed at improving body alignment and functioning and focuses more on the connective tissues. Rolf Method is different from deep-tissue massage, in that practitioners are trained to create overall ease and balance throughout the entire structure, rather than focusing on areas presenting with tension. As the connective tissue becomes more organized, chronic strain patterns are alleviated, and pain and stress decreases. Rolf Method can speed up injury recovery by reducing pain, stiffness and muscle tension; improving movement and circulation around joints; and attending to both the injury and any secondary pain that may develop from favoring the injury.
Structural integration is generally performed over a series of ten sessions. This approach allows the Rolfer to affect the client’s structure in a methodical manner. This includes loosening superficial fascia before working deeper areas, improving support in feet and legs before affecting higher structures, and helping clients find ways to benefit from freer movement in their daily activities.