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Physiotherapy in Ottawa

Physiotherapy In Ottawa

Physiotherapy is used as a form of rehabilitation for a variety of injuries and/or illnesses that impede daily activity, movement and exercise. Physiotherapists apply techniques to rehabilitate, prevent future injury and maintain overall health in patients. This is achieved mainly through the use of manual therapy or “hands-on” approaches that can include joint mobilization, muscle stretching, strength building and exercise prescription. Many physiotherapists also make use of additional tools such as ultrasound, acupuncture, heat/cold, stretching bands and electrical stimulation to increase healing.

Physiotherapy targets whole-body wellness and aims to maximize movement and function in a person.Physiotherapy is offered at Kinetic Edge HG in Ottawa with Registered Physiotherapist, Rohit Rajput.

Benefits of physiotherapy can include


  •   Increased strength and flexibility
  •   Wider range of movement
  •   Pain management
  •   Reduced pain and a higher quality of life
  •   Sports-related injuries (ex: tennis elbow, concussions)
  •   Improved mobility and movement)
  •   Help with stroke or paralysis recovery
Rohit Rajput

Rohit Rajput


• Complete Concussion Management
• Eclectic Approach to Upper and Lower Quadrant Assessment and Treatment;
• Acupuncture
• Kinesiology taping
• AED training
• CPR/Standard First Aid

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