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Ottawa Physiotherapy at Kinetic Edge Health Group

Physiotherapy and Laser Therapy

Starting June 26, Physiotherapy and Laser Therapy will be available at Kinetic Edge! The clinic welcomes Registered Physiotherapist Rohit Rajput and Licensed Laser Therapist Lindsay Mullen. 
Rohit specializes in concussion recovery and sports injury treatment, and Lindsay has a special interest in Bioflex Laser for arthritis, treating TMJ and managing acute pain. 
Appointments are offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7-11 AM.
The following treatments will be available: 

Physiotherapy: Initial Assessment (60 minutes), 30 minute and 20 minute follow-up appointments.
Laser Therapy: 1 hour, 45 minute and 30 minute appointments.
Book online or call 613-680-7966.