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Kinesoptaping in Ottawa


Kinesio Taping is a technique used to support and stabilize an injured joint without impeding it’s range of motion. It is often preferred by athletes as it allows the muscle to maintain it’s elasticity and movement during sport. It can typically last for 3-5 days and is sweat proof. Kinesiotape can also help with recovery by providing neural feedback. It can also be applied to reduce swelling, increase circulation and for lymphatic drainage. Kinesiotape can be applied to many injuries, however we typically see the most success with ankle sprains, rotator cuff injuries, patello femoral syndrome, neck pain and calf sprains. All of our therapists at Kinetic Edge HG are trained in Kinesio Taping.

Kinesio Tex Tape:® is used to help with the following:

  •   Prevent injury
  •   Reduce pain
  •   Optimize performance
  •   Decrease swelling
  •   Promote improved circulation and healing
  •   Re-educate the neuromuscular system

DR. Joanna Taylor

DR. Joanna Taylor


• Chiropractor (sports, accidents, work place)
• Active Release Techniques -ART
• Graston Technique Certified
• Shockwave Therapy provider
• Motor Point Dry Needling
• Kinesiotape Certified

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