Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy in Ottawa

At Kinetic Edge, we offer several types of Massage Therapy in Ottawa offered by registered massage therapists (RMT's).
Most people associate massage with stress reduction and relaxation. Although massage therapy does achieve this effect, it also has many physiological benefits.
Benefits of Massage Therapy include:
• Muscle Relaxation
• Improved Circulation
• Reduced Trigger Point Activity
• Improved Flexibility and Range of Motion
• Improved recovery post workout
• Decreased stress and anxiety
• Reduced depression

Types of Massage Offered at Kinetic Edge:

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

This type of massage is deeper and more aggressive than traditional massage. The therapist begins with lighter pressure, then gradually increases the depth into the tissues to break up scar tissue adhesions and knots which cause chronic tightness. This type of massage is very effective for chronic conditions including postural strains.
All of our massage therapists are experienced deep tissue therapists, as well as sports massage therapists.
Deep tissue massage uses more specialized techniques that may include compressive strokes and cross friction. These techniques serve to relax the muscles by warming tissue, assisting in circulation, stretching the muscle and fascia, breaking down scar tissue and reducing trigger point activity. Our therapists also hold certifications in active release therapy (ART), which is incorporated into the massage therapy treatment in Ottawa.


What is Rolfing? Rolfers are considered fascial specialists, focusing on correcting the positioning of myofacial layers. Rolfing aims to improve body alignment and function by focusing on the connective tissues. Typically performed over a series of 10 sessions, the Rolfer can loosen the superficial fascia before working on deeper areas. Rolfing has been shown to significantly reduce chronic stress, reduce spinal curvature in subjects with lordosis (sway back), and enhance neurological functioning.
Rolfing is often used by athletes to break up scar tissue, increase range of motion to improve performance and avoid future injuries. It is also used as a way to avoid repetitive stress injuries and to improve postural strains.
Rolfing can speed up injury recovery by reducing pain, stiffness and muscle tension; improving movement and circulation around joints; and attending to both the injury and any secondary pain that may develop from favoring the injury.

Thai Massage

Thai Massage is a full body massage performed on a mat on the floor, or can be performed on the massage table. It is a blend of yoga stretching, fascial stretch therapy, acupressure, t'ai chi breath work and meditation. Deep sustained pressure from the therapists hands and feet ensures that the muscles and fascia soften and relax. Thai massage is used for its ability to reset resting muscle length, and find and relieve unhealthy muscle and joint tensions. Many of the Thai massage stretches and movements are also used in traditional Western sports therapy treatments (known as Fascial Stretch Therapy).
Benefits Include: Increased flexibility and range of motion, stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, relieves fatigue, swelling and headaches, improves postural alignment and calms the nervous system to promote relaxation.

Current R.M.T's


Richard Stannard, RMT

Rolf Method of Structural Integration Practitioner

Courtney Craig, RMT

Active Release Technique & Dynamic Taping